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The Caltest Instruments GmbH is specialized in power and test equipment and provides expert advice, calibration and rental equipment.

Caltest distributes programmable AC sources and power sources with AC, DC and AC+DC output by Pacific Power Source and DC power supplies, frequency converters and electronic loads by Adaptive Power Systems. The product range also includes current and voltage sources as well as DC power supplies by Zenone Elettronica and regenerative power supplies, electronic loads and battery chargers & emulators by Cinergia.

The main target markets and applications are i.a. aerospace, industrial and medical electronics, the household appliance industry, the automotive and rail industry, defence technology as well as test and measurement, engineering and IT & communications.


  • Comprehensive advice in all fields to find the right solution for you
  • Large range of AC sources, DC power supplies and more
  • Repair service and calibration as well as rental equipment

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Caltest Instruments GmbH

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E-Mail: info@caltest.de

Caltest Instruments distributes programmable AC power sources, frequency converters, current sources, DC power supplies, electronic loads, power analyzers, hipot testers, electrical safety testers and more test and measurement equipment.