Zenone Elettronica

GIS Series: Static AC&DC Current Source

The static AC&DC current sources GIS series are available as 1 and 3 phase versions with up to 5000A. 

    • Single and Three-Phase System
    • Output Current: up to 5000A
    • Output Power: up to 200kVA
    • Output Frequency: DC, 10-800Hz with internal controller or DC, 1500Hz with external controller (optional 2500Hz)
    • Bandwidth: 2500Hz
    • up to 2 current ranges
    • Possibility of Paralleling
    • Continuous or Pulse Mode Operation
    • Windows© Software GI-Manager

    Main applications:

    • Thermical and magnetical tests of switches, breakers, relays, fuses with trip-time measurements
    • Heating tests of electrical contacts
    • Tests of coils and transformers
    • Tests and calibration of measurement instruments

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