Adaptive Power Systems

M1001-Series: Single Phase Power Analyzer

The M1001-Series is a single phase AC and DC power analyzer which uses state-of-the-art Signal Processing.

  • 6 Voltage Ranges up to ▒800Vpk / 500Vrms
  • 18 Current Ranges up to ▒200Apk / 20Arms
  • AC or DC Measurement Modes
  • Numeric and Graphical Data Display Modes
  • Voltage & Current Harmonics Measurements
  • VTHD and ITHD Measurements
  • Automatic Current Inrush Measurements with Programmable On and Off Phase Angles
  • Scope Display of Inrush Current Waveform
  • Energy Star / IEC62301 Compliant Standby Power Measurement mode
  • Data Logging of Vrms, Irms, Watts, Power Factor,VTHD and ITHD
  • Power ON/OFF Cycling with Programmable On and Off Phase Angles
  • Bench Use or 2U Height, 1/2 Rack Mount


Model Vac range
Vdc range  Max. current (Iac)
Max. current (Idc)
 Height Weight (kg/lbs)
500 Vrms / 800 Vpk
800 Vdc
 20 Arns / 200 Apk
20 Adc
100 ~ 230 Vac
 2 HE
3,5 kg

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