Pacific Power Source

AZX-Series: Regenerative AC/DC-Sources

The AZX-Series is a family of regenerative AC/DC-Sources from Pacific Power Source. 

Model overview

Model Rated Power Current per phase Phase (AC) Current per phase (DC)
3300AZX 30 kVA / 30 kW Low Voltage Range: 0-180 Vac (L-N) - 100 Arms 
High Voltage Range: 0-360  Vac (L-N) - 50 Arms
Low Voltage Range: 0-255 Vdc – 70 Adc 
High Voltage Range: 0-510 Vdc – 35 Adc
3500AZX 50 kVA / 50 kW Low Voltage Range: 0-180Vac(L-N) - 130Arms 
High Voltage Range: 0-360Vac(L-N) - 65Arms
Low Voltage Range: 0-255Vdc - 92Adc 
High Voltage Range: 0-510Vdc - 46Adc
3600AZX 60 kVA / 60 kW Low Voltage Range: 0-180Vac(L-N) - 200Arms 
High Voltage Range: 0-360Vac(L-N) - 100Arms
Low Voltage Range: 0-255Vdc - 140Adc 
High Voltage Range: 0-510Vdc - 70Adc
31000AZX 100 kVA / 100 kW Low Voltage Range: 0-180Vac(L-N) - 260Arms 
High Voltage Range: 0-360Vac(L-N) - 130Arms
Low Voltage Range: 0-255Vdc - 184Adc 
High Voltage Range: 0-510Vdc - 92Adc
31500AZX 150 kVA / 150 kW Low Voltage Range: 0-180Vac(L-N) - 390Arms 
High Voltage Range: 0-360Vac(L-N) - 195Arms
Low Voltage Range: 0-255Vdc - 276Adc 
High Voltage Range: 0-510Vdc - 138Adc
32000AZX 200 kVA / 200 kW Low Voltage Range: 0-180Vac(L-N) - 520Arms 
High Voltage Range: 0-360Vac(L-N) - 260Arms
Low Voltage Range: 0-255Vdc - 368Adc 
High Voltage Range: 0-510Vdc - 184Adc


  • Available models from 30 kVA/kW bis 50 kVA/kW
  • Parallel configuration, up to 200 kVA
  • Single phase, Split phase and Three phase 
  • AC, DC and AC/DC-output
  • Dual Constant Power mode AC Voltage Ranges 0~180V L-N and 0~360V L-N
  • Frequency range DC 15-1000 Hz 
  • Programmable phase angle
  • Precise output power and load regulation
  • Metering of Volts, RMS Current, Peak Current, Apparent Power & True Power on all phases
  • Harmonic Measurements
  • Scope Function to capture Voltage and Current Waveforms
  • Sine, Square, Triangle, Clipped Sine and Arbitrary Waveforms Selections
  • Output Transient Programming
  • Standard-Interfaces: USB, LAN (LXI), RS232 und GPIB
  • PPSC-Manager Software and UPC Studio (Legacy Version) available
  • CE marked

Complete Control of AC- and DC-Power

  • All AZX Series power source models are equipped with a digitally Programmable Controller.
  • Total control of the output power mode, phase mode (form) is available from the front panel or the bus
  • All operating functions may be controlled from either the front panel or from a remote RS-232, US, LAN or GPIB interface.
  • IVI Compliant Instrument Drivers are available.

Special AZX Operating Modes

  • Exceptional accurancy of the AC or DC output Voltage through Contious Self Calibration
  • Constant Power Operation: More output current available at lower voltage setting without having to change range
  • Waveform library: Up to 200 different waveforms available
  • Time Based Transients: Create and execute transients that occur over a specified time segment to modify the output waveform, voltage, and frequency for any or all phases. LIST, PULSE and STEP Transient modes are supporte
  • Output trigger for synchronizing external test equipment 
  • Cycle based transients
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